Friends to Foes- choose your travel companion wisely

Through school and Uni, you and your best friend would procrastinate hitting the books and day dream together about wild adventures in distant countries- sipping on espressos in Paris, going on safari in South Africa or partying the night away in Rio.

Suddenly it’s crunch time. You are on the brink of booking your once-in-a-lifetime trip and you really need to think twice about who will be your travel buddy.

This isn’t just for the sake of your trip but for your friendship. I am sure you have heard the many sad stories of best friends who jetted off as BFFs and returned home as enemies. I know of one such travelling pair that fell out forever after one became so frustrated with the other she drunkenly jumped on a plane to London one night and left the other alone in Germany. They still don’t speak to each other.

You may be two peas in a pod but can you travel together?

Every individual is a different kind of traveller. If you want to party every night and sleep all day you do not want to team up with a sightseer who must see everything nook and cranny in a city.

You need to be the same kind of traveller or one of you isn’t going to be happy. I saw way too many friends splitting up on their adventures because they wanted different experiences on their travels. Some split up amicably, others don’t go so well.

Another factor is budget. Compare how much you both want to take/how much you will realistically take. If you are Miss Money Bags you don’t want to be missing out because your friend is broke and vice versa. It doesn’t mean you can’t meet up with this mate but travelling together the entire time could mean one of you could miss out on experiences you were looking forward to. It isn’t selfish, you saved that money so it’s up to you how it’s spent.

You need to share interests. Whether it’s art, history, shopping or sport you want to visit the same sites or at least the same cities. Create a dream itinerary together and make sure you list the countries and activities you do not want to miss. If your itineraries don’t match up then it could be you aren’t a match as travel companions.

Now this isn’t a factor for some friendships but it has to be noted. Your relationship status can change the style of your trip. If you are attached and your travel buddy is single you may be presented with the situation of making your way back to your hostel alone in a foreign city. You may have to take the role as wingman and get stuck talking to the obnoxious friends. Yes, you may do it all the time at home but you aren’t home. It’s just the two of you and you aren’t going home to your boyfriend so make sure you know what you are getting into. For a lot of friends this isn’t an issue at all but it is something to think about.

Remember, you will be spending a lot of time with your friend and even if you live in each others pockets, you will have never spent this much time together. You may be confronted with stressful situations and you will need to work together to escape them unscathed.

From my own experience, my bank balance which was to last me the remaining three months of my trip was stolen when my travel money card was skimmed at an ATM in Switzerland. All of my money was gone and I was a blubbering mess.

My friend took control, lent me money until the bank returned mine and visited numerous police stations with me. Not to mention keeping my mind off my empty bank account by shouting me numerous shots that night to make me feel better. A week later I was in hospital in Germany (not a direct result of the shots) and she was pushing past nurses so I wouldn’t be alone. Now these are some pretty extreme situations but you have to be willing to do this for your travel buddy. If not you may want to think about travelling alone.

Extreme circumstances aside the two or how ever many of you travelling together will be navigating new cities and cultures where you may not speak the language. You need to be patient with each other and work together as a team.

Once you have worked out you want to travel together you need to talk about how long you will travel as a team. One friend may think it is the full duration while the other wants a month to themselves. You need to nip this in the bud early to avoid any feelings of rejection.

Keep in mind that plans do change. I know a friend who fell in love with an American boy at the beginning of her trip and cut her time short in Europe so she could return to America and spend time with him. Her travel buddy was left to be alone but she couldn’t have been happier for her friend.

Now on the positive side, friendships can become even stronger while travelling. You experience amazing places, cultures and meet incredible people together. They are the friend who reminds you of home and kicks the homesickness monster in the butt. They will be there for you and understand exactly what you need when you need it. You will create amazing memories with them at a time in your life when you are blissfully happy exploring the world and finding yourself. When you do return home, together you will tell the story of the time she got so drunk on tequila shots in Spain she danced on the bar, fell on her ass and no one kicked her out because it was Europe!!


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