Backpack or wheelie bag?


Now choosing the right bag is vital as you will be lugging this thing around for months. It becomes your home and without a good quality bag, a normal travel day can turn pretty horrid fast. You will be lugging this thing up stairs, throwing it in luggage compartments not to mention it carries everything you need to survive while abroad.

A backpack with wheels is definately my ideal option. This way you have the best of both worlds- you can wheel it everywhere you please but once the rain starts coming down or you have to lug it through a pebbly path you can throw it on your back. This is definately the option for girls who love to shop- if you are going to be buying plenty of clothes and souvenirs your bag is going to get heavier and heavier so you will need those wheels by the end of your trip. I only used my bag as a backpack once while walking through a muddy path to our campsite at Oktoberfest but it was nice to know the option was there for me. Ah the joys of modern backpacking- backpacks with wheels!

A wheelie bag is definately a good option for those who may be staying in nicer hotels instead of hostels. I met plenty of female travellers who were using normal wheelie travel bags but I still think the option of the backpack is the way to go.

For those who travel light, get a backpack. The backpackers who actually had backpacks seemed to move a lot damn faster than my friend and I but really it depends on your luggage weight.

Now that’s another thing you need to think about- the capacity of the backpack. I took a 70 litre Katmandu backpack with wheels for a 4 month trip and really regret not downsizing to the 50 litre. When you buy a larger bag you find a way to fill it up but if you buy a smaller bag you will be stricter about what you take. Remember you are lugging this about- up stairs, down stairs, through airports, bus terminals, hostel stairwells and through narrow pebbled streets. You don’t need everything from your wardrobe back home.

Question everything you are taking, now do you really need that pair of red stiletto high heels? Yes, they could look so cute while you sashay around the beautiful streets of Paris and sip on espressos but seriously leave them at home.